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Modscene Pot Socks

Modscene Pot Socks

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Keep your timber and concrete surfaces clean with a Modscene Pot Sock.

Modscene Pot Socks are made of a tightly woven Geotextile Fabric, allowing water to drain through the pot but stopping any soil from slipping through the drainage holes. This helps keep your hard surfaces clean.

Cut to the shape of the pot's base; the sock simply sits inside the pot before you fill it with soil.

Important note: When using pot socks, placing a layer of washed sand over the pot sock before putting the potting mix in is important. The sand acts as a natural filter which stops the socks from getting blocked by soil particles. Make this layer of washed sand about 2 inches thick. Washed sand can generally be purchased in a bag from any garden centre.

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