Modscene Residential

At Modscene, we are proud to have supplied thousands of clients around New Zealand with planters, furniture pieces, and pet homes.

We make your purchase easy for you, delivering it to your door. Some of our items are hard to get in a car due to size, so we take the hassle out of it.

Our Mission: 'To Innovate and develop products that make a statement. To beautify landscapes. To create enjoyment'

Modscene Planters

Modscenes luxury planters are New Zealand-made. We ship our planter to your door, and each planter model is available in up to 24 colour options. Our planters are lightweight and easy to lift into place on arrival.


Modscene Pet Houses

  • NZ made.
  • Corrosion resistant.
  • UV stabilized.
  • Durable.
  • Safe for pets.
  • Seamless construction.

Modscene Outdoor Furniture

Described by many as 'Art', Modscene furniture is sure to please. Designed for NZ conditions, it can be left outdoors permanently and will be the focal point of your space for years to come.